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Discover the app revolutionizing healthcare by setting new postpartum care standards, ensuring mothers and babies receive the care they deserve —a leap towards safer, more accessible, and personalized postpartum care.


We’re Changing the Way the World Thinks About Healthcare

Revolutionising Healthcare Through Digital InnovationOur mission is to enhance patient safety, improve work environment and streamline the healthcare industry by embracing digital transformation and fostering education across relevant sectors.

NQ's App

Enhanced Patient & Health Care Professionals Safety with Morbidity Reduction, harnessing advanced technological integration of postpartum care diagnoses, rules, regulations and guidelines. Our application is primed to significantly reinforce patient safety outcomes. The result is a noticeable improvement in the safety of both mothers and newborns, leading to a reduction in morbidity rates. 


Moreover, for our frontline healthcare professionals - midwives, assistant nurses, registered nurses and doctors - the app offers an additional layer of protection by minimising risks of procedural oversights and human errors. 

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User Friendly &

Inuitive Design

Simple to Master, Apply & Operate, our app seamlessly complement your workflow, our app ensures that healthcare professionals, from the experienced to those just starting out, can effortlessly grasp and utilize its myriad features. The app's ingenuously and intuitive nature makes it an invaluable tool for all departments involved, regardless your background or work-experience.

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Seamless System Integration

Universal Compatibility with Existing Healthcare Systems, Nutriqula is engineered for ease of implementation and scalability, providing a streamlined experience that easily integrates into your existing healthcare technology ecosystem. Designed to be future-adaptive, our platform has the flexibility to evolve alongside advancements in healthcare guidelines, operational systems, and regional specificities.

AI Framework 

Precision-Guided, Regulated, and Expert-Reviewed, our platform’s intelligence isn't just in its algorithms, it's in its commitment to adhere to stringent healthcare medical guidelines, rules, and regulations. Built with oversight from top tech experts in the field, our AI is designed to provide accurate assessments while strictly aligning with healthcare regulations.

Data Managment

Data Security with a Zero-Storage Policy,

security isn't just a feature; it's an imperative. We employ HIPAA/GDPR compliance assurance and robust protocols for secure data transmission and have a zero-storage policy for patient data, ensuring it is erased post-use. Your patients’ data is in safe hands—briefly.


Cross-Platform, Multi-Lingual, and Maintenance-Friendly, we know that healthcare is a global concern. That’s why Nutriqula is designed to work not just on Android but also on iOS in the future. Additionally, we have plans for multi-lingual support and regular updates to ensure you're always at the forefront of healthcare technology.

24/7 Support System

Automated and Human Support for Uninterrupted Service,

questions don’t keep office hours and neither do we. Our support system ranges from chatbots for quick solutions to human support for more complex issues, ensuring that help is available whenever you or your staff need it.

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Work References

Nutriqula's core team boasts over a decade of previous working experience under different umbrella's across 50+ industries in over 20 countries.



A unique blend of social engineering, digitalising, & optimisation. 

Our team's diverse expertise sets us apart, bringing unparalleled value to our services and products. Your insights, experiences, and results are what truly matter to us!


Your insights, experiences, and results are what truly matter to us!



Nutriqula emerged from an urgent need to revolutionise the healthcare sector by emphasising patient safety, equality, and life preservation.

The name Nutriqula is inspired by Turritopsis nutricula (Immortal Jellyfish), and given that 'nutricula' also means nurse in Latin, it's a perfect fit.

Our logo's design carries a deeper significance, incorporating the Venus symbol, Rod of Asclepius, and carefully chosen colors.

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